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Hidden Treasures

[tiltviewer id=10 width=600 height=600] Storefronts uniquely St. Clair By Elaine Hobson Miller Photos by Jerry Martin When it comes to storefronts in St. Clair County, appearances can be deceiving. A turn-of-the century Victorian house in Ashville actually is a quilt shop. A log house in Pell City once was a barn in Virginia. A shed […]

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Ten Islands

A tale of two campaigns By Carolyn Stern Photos by Jerry Martin It’s been called “The County’s most historic site” by many. Fort Strother, which would be almost 200 years old today, was an important stepping stone for President Andrew Jackson in his campaign against the Creeks. But where is it? The answer is, you […]

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Valley coming back

By Carol Pappas Photos by Jerry Martin Monstrous trucks carrying limbs and debris no longer lumber up and down the 17-mile stretch of Shoal Creek Valley Road as frequently as they once did. The air is no longer thick with smoke wafting from towering bonfires of cut trees and remnants from life in the valley […]

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Iola Robert’s Artistic Legacy

[simpleviewer id=6 width=600 height=500] John Lonergan & Wayne Spradley By GiGi Hood Photos by Jerry Martin Each beginning life might be compared to the first brush stroke on a simple piece of canvas. Both new, both existing for awhile amidst the unknown. Only time will reveal just what will develop; but time will not work […]

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Wadsworth Farm

A family tradition 100 years in the making By Carol Pappas Photo by Jerry Martin Born and raised near a town now under the waters of Logan Martin Lake, Mike Wadsworth went out to make his way in the world as a commercial artist. But the family farm eventually drew him back, continuing a legacy […]

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Hummingbird Heaven

Every year, some of the smallest birds alive flock to St. Clair County By Carol Pappas Photos by Jerry Martin Close your eyes a minute, and you might think you’re at LaGuardia or some other heavily traveled airport as the whir of the air traffic heads in and out. But this isn’t LaGuardia, not by […]

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