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Custom Candy

Independent business bringing its sweet operation to Moody By Amanda Pritchard Photos by Jerry Martin Creating a candy wonderland for children of all ages, store owner and creator Hanson Watkins opened Indie Candy in Crestline Village with that goal in mind. The business has thrived, and now she is expanding production in Moody. In looking […]

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Inventive Mind

Master ‘tinkerer’ turning heads around the world Story by Mike Bolton Photos by Jerry Martin For those who have never met St. Clair County’s Wayne Keith, the first impression is never what was expected. To the Mother Earth News crowd to whom he is becoming a cult hero of sorts, he doesn’t have the long […]

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Volunteerism Defined

Terry & Sandy Gamble, Robert Hood help Alpha Ranch rebuild after April’s deadly tornadoes By Elaine Hobson Miller Photos by Jerry Martin “Hear that wind coming down the valley?” asks Sandy Gamble, turning her left ear toward the door, which sounds like it’s about to rattle off its hinges. She laughs nervously. “Yeah, it’s scary. […]

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Flying High Over St. Clair

By Elaine Hobson Miller Photos by Jerry Martin The tall, chubby guy in overalls and white tee-shirt runs up to the airshow emcee and in a drawl as Southern as coon dogs and camouflage starts babbling about redeeming a flight instruction coupon. Trying to get rid of the man, who claims he’s Clem Cleaver from […]

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St. Vincent’s: More than a decade in the making

As motorists headed up and down Interstate 20 over the past two years, they might have thought the massive construction on a hillside overlooking the busy highway is an overnight success story. After all, what they see has gone up relatively quickly. But it’s what they don’t see that tells the story of a long […]

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St. Vincent’s: Beyond Local Impact

When architect Russ Realmuto of Birchfield Penuel & Associates took the lead on designing a new hospital for St. Vincent’s and St. Clair County, it was more than just a professional project to him. It was personal. “My family homesteaded the land in the 1840s. I live a mile and a half from it.” It’s […]

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