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Dolores Hydock

Master storyteller gets ‘schooled’ on Chandler Mountain Story by Carol Pappas Photos by Jerry Martin In 1974, Dolores Hydock was on a hunt for folklore for an in-depth paper she was researching for a college class at Yale University. That unlikely journey from New Haven, Conn., led her up a winding mountain road in northeast […]

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Cultivating stone-age techniques Story by Jerry C. Smith Photos by Jerry Martin Longer ago than most folks can imagine, stone crafting gave humans mastery over a world filled with physically superior creatures. It’s also one of mankind’s oldest art forms, born of a need to stay alive and often linked to religious ceremony. Stone blades […]

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Crazy Horse

Becoming an Argo eatery icon Story by Elaine Miller Photos by Jerry Martin Butch Evans and his wife, Karen, were sitting in their den one evening, bored out of their minds, when the idea of starting a restaurant was born. “My wife said, ‘Are we gonna sit sit here like this until we’re 80, falling […]

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Ralph Compton

Western Author, Odenville Icon Story by Carol Pappas Photos by Jerry Martin It was a simple question, really: “Can you write a western?” The reply was equally without complexities:  “I said I didn’t know, but I’d like to try.” And beginning at age 56, Ralph Compton did indeed write a Western — 23 of them […]

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A common past

St. Clair Springs log homes Story by Elaine Hobson Miller Photos by Jerry Martin More than 100 years ago, the Jones Road homes of Mike and Cathy Harris and Jimmy Calvert on Jones Road began as simple, four-room log cabins. They were part of the same piece of property, the latter housing the servants’ quarters […]

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Kickstand Up!

Pet passenger an easy rider in St. Clair Story by Jerry Smith Photos by Jerry Martin Mike Enoch enjoys few things more than a leisurely motorcycle ride with his friend Katt on the seat behind him. That doesn’t sound unusual for a Southern boy on a warm summer day, until you realize that Katt is […]

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