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Cowboy Church

A new Sunday tradition Story by Leigh Pritchett Photos by Jim Smothers As people gathered for worship time, the words of an old, familiar hymn floated through the church. “I surrender all; I surrender all. All to Jesus, I surrender; I surrender all.” The music and the male voice from the soundtrack had a decidedly […]

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The place for Fresh Produce

Kerry Joe is the man to see Story by Sam Jackson Photos by Wallace Bromberg Jr. The first frost ushers in autumn, and the initial bloom means spring has arrived. But Pell City has a different kind of seasonal litmus test for summer: the opening of Kerry Joe Foster’s produce stand. Pell City Produce, located […]

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Mulligan Stew

A distinctly Skeeter Park tradition Story by Jerry C. Smith Submitted photos from Hazelwood Family What’s Mulligan Stew? Well, it’s a big potful of boiling water, loaded with whatever meats and vegetables one has on hand, and cooked until safely edible. However, for St. Clair’s Skeeter Park folks, it’s always been a fine excuse to […]

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Shel-Clair Farms

A world of cattle drives, scenic trails Story by Elaine Hobson Miller Photos by Mike Callahan With the strains of “Rawhide” swelling inside their heads, 18 intrepid cowpokes slap their hands on their thighs, kick their horses and yell, “Head ‘em up, move ‘em out,” as they ride off to round up the herd. “I’ve […]

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Playhouse Palaces

Where imaginations have room to grow Story by Elaine Hobson Miller Photos by Jim Smothers What child doesn’t want a playhouse? What adult didn’t want one as a child? It can be a fort where rebels shoot Nerf guns at intergalactic enemies, a Victorian doll house where little girls have tea parties, or a cabin […]

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2015 Panther Run

Brutal fun at The Ridge Story by Graham Hadley Photos by Michael Callahan and Graham Hadley Starting with a yell and a cheer, the participants in the 2015 Panther Run at the Ridge were ready to face just about any obstacle. It’s a good thing — because there were more than 30 of them between […]

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