Archive | June, 2016

House of Treasures

Inside a collector’s collection Story by Leigh Pritchett Photos by Michael Callahan and Wallace Bromberg Jr. It has long been said that a man’s home is his castle. While that surely is true for Frank Phillips of Pell City, his dwelling is also a cache of artistic, literary and photographic treasures. Surrounding him everyday are […]

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D-Day Veteran

Memories of the War Story and photos by Jim Smothers Submitted Photos For a half century, Howell Dulaney would not talk about World War II. He tried to shut it out. He didn’t want to think about the horrors he experienced in the war, and he wanted the nightmares to stop. “It just gets so […]

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Light Flight

Daring men and their flying machines Story and photos by Jerry C. Smith A stand-up comic once joked, “If God had meant for people to fly, He would have given them a lot more money.” He got pained laughs from several private pilots in his audience who knew what it costs to get a license, […]

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Hazelwood’s Greenhouses & Nursery

A quarter century of growing nature’s beauty in St. Clair Story by Carol Pappas Photos by Susan Wall John Hazelwood squinted as a streak of sunlight parted cloudy skies above, accentuating the creases in his face – the unmistakable signature of a man whose earned them in a lifetime spent outdoors. It is outside at […]

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Margaret, Alabama

Blossoming boomtown of Margaret won’t be ‘Alabama’s best-kept secret’ for long Story by Paul South Photos by Wallace Bromberg Jr. When Pastor Chris Crain was searching for a place to start a church in St. Clair County, a Trussville friend had a simple suggestion: “You need to go to Margaret.” Crain’s response: “Who’s she?” You’ve […]

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A new generation

Cooperative effort key to training skilled labor force Story by Graham Hadley Photos by Michael Callahan and Graham Hadley In this technological and professional age, it is easy for students — and parents and teachers — to focus heavily on high-profile skills involving computers, programming, electronics and web design or to place students on narrow […]

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