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Big Head’s Bait Shop

A special store on the shore of Neely Henry Story by Carol Pappas Photos by Wallace Bromberg Jr. The front door of a nondescript building fronting US 411 near Ashville on one side and Canoe Creek on Neely Henry Lake on the other doesn’t prepare you for what you’ll find on the other side. The […]

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Living on the Lakes

There’s a saying around these parts: “You never know how many friends you have until you own a lake house.” It’s true. The water seems to have a way of drawing people in, and Realtors on Logan Martin and Neely Henry know why. Story by Carol Pappas Photos by Wallace Bromberg Jr. and Michael Callahan […]

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Dam to Dam

It’s not an easy trip, but you can do it. Many have. And the adventure of it is a memory they won’t soon forget. By boat, you can travel from Logan Martin Dam to Neely Henry Dam or vice versa. The lakes are easily recognizable. They’re the ones with the traffic. But between Riverside on […]

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Praised Colors

From Sweden to Ragland, artist’s life takes many a turn Story by Leigh Pritchett Photos by Michael Callahan Marie Barber shooed chickens and a guinea to welcome a visitor one bitterly cold day. Once inside her woodsy home with warm Gulf Coast decor, she smiled and said, “It does feel like Sweden out there.” Living […]

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Argo, Alabama

Blossoming town grows but never forgets its people Story Paul South Photos by Michael Callahan Sometimes a dream – even a city – can begin with a story first told long ago and far away. That’s how Argo started more than two centuries ago, before there was a St. Clair County, or for that matter, […]

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Shall We Dance?

Dale Owen shares music around the world Story by Paul South Submitted Photos As a journalism student at Troy State (now Troy University), Dale Owen landed a job at an AM radio station near campus. “They had a show on Saturday morning that played crooner music,” Owen said. “The station manager just wanted someone to […]

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