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Pink Passion

Friends celebrate defying odds Survivor (ser-vahy-ver) noun: 1. Somebody who survives: somebody who remains alive despite being exposed to life-threatening danger. 2. Somebody with great powers of endurance: somebody who shows a great will to live or a great determination to overcome difficulties and carry on. Story by Carol Pappas Photos by Jerry Martin At […]

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Honey Boo Boo

Crowds fill Pell City Civic Center as show cast comes to promote Global Championship Wrestling Story by Loyd McIntosh Photos by Jerry Martin Every generation has one of those cultural touchstones where they remember exactly where they were when they heard the news and were forced to take stock of the world around them. The […]

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Historic Pell City

When St. Clair’s largest city was just getting started Story by Jerry Smith Submitted photos What magic molded a sleepy little whistle stop of 40 souls into St. Clair County’s largest city? Actually, the town owes its success to a missed train and a fortuitous marriage. Pell City was blessed with both a father and […]

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Big Guns

Alabama Artillery recreates historic cannons Story by Jerry Smith Photos by Jerry Martin Stewarts is a historic little community on Mineral Springs Road near Pell City. It’s scenic and pretty quiet, at least most of the time. But just up the road on Bowman Circle, a four-man group called Alabama Artillery occasionally punctuates Stewarts’ tranquility […]

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Birmingham Sailing Club

Group’s history in St. Clair predates creation of Logan Martin Lake Story by Carol Pappas Photos by Jerry Martin Atop a shoreline hill overlooking a mile-wide opening of Logan Martin Lake stands a piece of history. On Aug. 7, 1962, it wasn’t there at all, but neither was the lake. Even so, a group of […]

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Welcome Home

Veterans Home in St. Clair opens doors Story by Carol Pappas Photos by Jerry Martin It was like a family’s long anticipated arrival of troops deployed to faraway lands. Flags waved. Welcome signs appeared. Cheers erupted. After years of planning for this day, the first two residents of the Col. Robert L. Howard State Veterans […]

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