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Seddon Cemetery

A modern tale of historic survival Story by Carol Pappas Photos by Jerry Martin It would be more than a decade before the young, upstart town known as Pell City would be incorporated to its west. Riverside lay to its east. In the middle, thrived the timber town of Seddon. Population: 500. The year was […]

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Lovejoy Slingshot Hunt

Creating a most unusual tradition Photos by Jerry Martin The T-shirt peeking out from the opening of the camouflage jacket read: “Alabama: So Many Squirrels. So Few Recipes.” If you’re making such a fashion statement and others are envious of your attire, chances are that you are participating in the annual Lovejoy Slingshot Hunt. This […]

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In the beginning … Ashville

A look back at how St. Clair County got started Story by Jerry Smith Photos submitted Photos by Jerry Martin A wagon train set out from Georgia in late autumn of 1816, headed westward-ho toward Shelby County, Alabama, to settle with other recent migrants from North Carolina. Among these latest emigrants were John Ash, his […]

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Edibles Everywhere

St. Clair forager finding culinary fame in Birmingham restaurants Story by Graham Hadley Photos by Jerry Martin Where you see weeds, St. Clair’s Chris Bennett sees valuable food. So valuable that he has been able to make a successful side business out of foraging for wild edibles and selling them to high-end restaurants in the […]

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Tiny Prancers

Bigger is never better for several St. Clair farms Story by Elaine Hobson Miller Photos by Jerry Martin Did you hear the one about the horse wearing tennis shoes? No, that’s not the first line of a joke. It’s a reality for folks who have seen Jelly Bean, a miniature horse owned by Odenville’s Dana […]

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Tricky Fishing

Kayak fishing making a splash at Neely Henry & Logan Martin lakes Story by Loyd McIntosh Photos by Jerry Martin Spring time in St. Clair County: fresh air, blue skies, green grass and, of course, fishing — lots and lots of fishing. By the time the ol’ groundhog’s predictions have taken root, there will be […]

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