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Marcus H. Pearson

Tales of a Springville inventor, entrepreneur Story by Leigh Pritchett Photos by Wallace Bromberg Jr. Submitted photos courtesy Carol Waid Marcus H. Pearson was a small, quiet, humble man, with big ideas that made an impact on farmers, herdsmen and churchgoers. Those big ideas netted two patents (one when he was just 26), made putting […]

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Locks of the Coosa

Steamboat A-Comin’ Captain Lay raises the bar Story by Jerry C. Smith Photos by Jerry C. Smith Submitted photos In the two years surrounding the end of the Civil War, Capt. Cummins Lay set a Coosa River record that remains unbroken today; he’s the only river pilot to navigate a steamboat over the Coosa’s entire […]

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Mulligan Stew

A distinctly Skeeter Park tradition Story by Jerry C. Smith Submitted photos from Hazelwood Family What’s Mulligan Stew? Well, it’s a big potful of boiling water, loaded with whatever meats and vegetables one has on hand, and cooked until safely edible. However, for St. Clair’s Skeeter Park folks, it’s always been a fine excuse to […]

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Iola Roberts

A 60-Year Legacy Story by Carol Pappas Photos by Wallace Bromberg Jr. Photos courtesy Pell City Library Archives Iola Roberts Elementary seems more of a tradition than simply a school. And its namesake would probably applaud that notion. After all, Miss Iola Roberts more than earned her name on the school that has since seen […]

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96 and going strong

Farmer once served as bodyguard for Gen. Eisenhower Story by Linda Long Photos by Jim Smothers Submitted Photos The old wooden farmhouse is typical of many found in rural St. Clair County. Surrounded by winter swept fields, a Black and Tan hound sits on its front porch poised to sound a welcoming bay to approaching […]

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Howard Hill

World’s Greatest Archer Story by Jerry C. Smith Photography by Wallace Bromberg Jr. Submitted photos Schoolboys often dream of marrying a favorite teacher, but Howard Hill of Shelby County actually pulled it off and, with her help and support, became a true legend in his own time, the World’s Greatest Archer. Ashville’s Elizabeth Hodges had […]

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